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I am honoured (and surprised) to say that I have been nominated by Beyond Borders for their 2011 award for exemplary journalism covering issues related to the sexual exploitation of children.

Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada is a national non-profit organization that advances the
rights of children to be free from sexual exploitation.

I have been nominated in the print category for my article published in The Lawyers Weekly:The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse : Is the Church’s response real action or window dressing?

I have to say it is a tremendous honour to be nominated alongside such tremendously talented individuals.

In case you are interested, the other nominees are:


1. Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, Women link up on the web to bring convicted pedophile priest back to Canada

2. Daphne Bramham, The Vancouver Sun, Evidence rules leave disabled Canadian girls open to sex abuse

3. Daphne Bramham, The Vancouver Sun, Polygamy in Canada: The ongoing saga

4. Meagan Robertson, The Chief, Raising awareness about sexual exploitation

5. Mike Howell, Vancouver Courier, Predator bait

6. Alison Langley, Niagara Falls Review, The fight against human trafficking

7. John McKiggan, The Lawyers Weekly, The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse : Is the Church’s response real action or window dressing?


1. & 2. Helen Slinger, Bountiful Films for CBC Passionate Eye & Vancouver International Film
Festival, When the Devil Knocks, (#1- 44 minute version, #2 – 90 minute version)

3. Joan Weeks, CBC Maritime Magazine, Fenwick MacIntosh: Pursuing a pedophile

4. Linden MacIntyre & Neil Docherty, CBC News – The Fifth Estate, Betrayal

5. Alan Mendelsohn, Cogent Benger for Vision TV (Zoomer Media), Sex Scandals & Religion: The wall of silence


1. Kathleen Frenette, Journal de Québec, series, Des collections presque sans fin, Magasiner sa victime sur le net , Des signes révélateurs, Patients et sournois, Un jeu habilement monté

2. Hugo Meunier, La Presse, series, Tourisme sexuel en République Dominicaine, Le Bordel
caché des Québécois


1. Carl Thériault, Télé-Québec, Une Pilule, Une Petite Granule, Agressions sexuelles: les garçons aussi

2. Normand Grondin, Radio–Canada, Enquête, Silence religieux

3. Raymonde Provencher, ONF & Télé-Québec, Grace, Milly, Lucy… des fillettes soldates

4.Emmanuelle Latraverse, Radio-Canada, Téléjournal, Enfants esclaves

5. Mario Proulx et Eugénie Francoeur, Radio-Canada Première Chaîne, Une enfance pour la vie

6. Lisette Marcotte et Maryse Chartrand, Canal Vie, De l’ombre à la lumière, Tout se joue après 6 ans


1. Lisa Mayor, Lakehead University, Polygamous Leaders Welcome RCMP Probe

2. Anton Mwewa, Niagara College Canada, Letting go of the past: Sexual abuse survivor finds
strength to cut ties, and love again

One Comment

  1. Gravatar for JuneAnnette

    Congratulations Mr.McKiggan! You are to be commended for giving a VOICE to VICTIMS who for too long have been SILENCED by their very own "church". It is men of principle like yourself who give LAWYERS a good name!

    On numerous occasions at various Internet forums, I have read comments made by unconvincing and unrelenting Roman Catholic apologists, who vigorously defend their priests, while simultaneously maligning and vilifying lawyers who represent the interests and plead the just cause of the victims who have fallen prey to the predator priests in their midst. To them I have responded as follows:

    How telling that your concern and sympathy is reserved for the “good priests”, who by your reckoning, “have been vilified, discredited and persecuted without reason”, yet for the countless VICTIMS of the predator priests in “your church” you have shown a callous indifference! If your priests had spent more time praying instead of preying upon innocent children, there would be no need for lawyers. If your priests had spent more time praying instead of preying upon vulnerable children, there would be no need for lawyers. If your priests had not engaged in such lewd, licentious, and SCANDALOUS behavior, there would be no need for lawyers. If your bishops had done the RIGHT thing in the sight of GOD and their fellow man, and complied with the law of the land instead of covering up their subordinate's vile criminal acts in order to avoid SCANDAL, there would be no need for lawyers. If your priests had spent more time praying instead of wantonly molesting, abusing, sodomizing, and in many cases, brutally assaulting defenceless children, they would not be forced to defend themselves today and the UNHOLY Roman Catholic “church” would not be embroiled in endless litigation!

    LAWYERS stand up for the rights of VICTIMS. LAWYERS defend those unable to defend themselves. LAWYERS give a VOICE to those who for too long have not been heard. LAWYERS have a way of leveling the playing field. LAWYERS persuade, and if necessary, compel those who have done WRONG to do the RIGHT thing. Your feeble attempt now to discredit and demonize LAWYERS in their JUST CAUSE and CRUSADE to champion the rights of the ABUSED is the typical Vatican gaslighting maneuver which your “church” continues to employ to their shame. We know the VILLIANS from the HEROES. It is your “church” that has orchestrated the SCANDAL and your “church” that in so doing has shown the world they are morally and spiritually bankrupt and altogether devoid of any “moral authority”!

    In solidarity with the VICTIMS of Roman Catholic Clergy Abuse & those who ADVOCATE for them, JuneAnnette

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