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John McKiggan Q.C.

Supreme Court of Canada Rules on Hate Speech vs. Free Speech: Saskatchewan v. Whatcott

Last week the Supreme Court of Canada released its reasons in Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott. The decision concerned an appeal from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal relating…

John McKiggan Q.C.

“Calling Dr. Google” : Healthcare in the internet age.

How the internet can help (and hurt) your health care

It’s flu and cold season and everyone is afraid of catching whatever bug is going around. Got a sniffle? A head ache? Maybe both?…

John McKiggan Q.C.

"Why won't my travel medical insurance pay my claim?" Advice for Canadians travelling South

(What to look for – and look out for – in your travel medical insurance policy)

It was chilly here in Halifax last week. Made me wish I was somewhere warm sitting on a beach. Like our famous…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Oprah on Armstrong: She doesn’t understand the meaning of “hero”.

The Halifax Chronicle Herald recently ran a story titled Armstrong Can Be a Hero Again, Oprah Says.

The story was reporting on Winfrey's recent interview with Lance Armstrong where he…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Supreme Court of Canada Clarifies Law of Duress: Or does it?

Important decision for abuse victims

Canada’s highest court released a landmark decision this morning that is relevant to abuse survivors. I posted about the original decision from the…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Has the Archdiocese of Moncton Broken the Law By Failing to Report Sexual Abuse?

Two Priests Suspended

Last week the Archdiocese of Moncton announced that two New Brunswick priests have been suspended indefinitely: from any ministry whatsoever following allegations of…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Solitary Confinement Cruel and Unusual Punishment? Ashley Smith Inquest

It is a well established principle of justice that the punishment must fit the crime. But what if the punishment involves subjecting the person to severe psychiatric harm.

Jailed for Throwing…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Amanda Todd RIP – Can Some Good Come From This Needless Tragedy?

Three weeks ago British Columbia teen Amanda Todd was discovered dead in her home in Vancouver. The fifteen year old girl committed suicide after being tormented by bullies online.

John McKiggan Q.C.

Arnold Pizzo McKiggan Retained on Knowledge House Inc. Class Action

Arnold Pizzo McKiggan Retained on Knowledge House Inc. Class Action

Arnold Pizzo McKiggan, a class action law firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia has been retained by former shareholders of…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Supreme Court of Canada Strikes a Blow Against Cyberbullying

Court Protects the Privacy Rights of Children

This morning the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) released an important decision that helps protect children’s privacy rights and acknowledges…