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John McKiggan Q.C.

Supreme Court of Canada clarifies law for malpractice victims: Ediger v. Johnston

The Supreme Court of Canada released an important decision for medical malpractice plaintiffs today.


In Ediger v. Johnston, the plaintiff “C” suffered from brain…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Does the Workers’ Compensation Act Immunize Hospitals Against Medical Malpractice Claims?

As a Halifax medical malpractice lawyer I frequently get calls from other lawyers who don't practice this area of law, wondering if their client has a potential medical malpractice claim.

John McKiggan Q.C.

Hospital Acquired Infections – Can Technology Prevent Deadly Consequences?

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario as many as 250,000 Canadians suffer from hospital acquired infections every year, resulting in up to 12,000 annual deaths. It is…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Health Scare: The Consumer's Guide to Medical Malpractice Claims in Canada

Today I received a letter from a patient who read my book about medical malpractice claims in Canada. She's given me permission to share it. Her note reads, in part:

The guide gives a…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Dosanjh v. LeBlanc and St. Paul’s Hospital: Facebook Fishing a No-No

I recently posted a an article on my Halifax Medical Malpractice Lawyer Blog about a recent case involving a defendant's attempt to conduct a fishing expedition on a plaintiff's Facebook…

John McKiggan Q.C.

When Can Pleadings Be Amended in Medical Malpractice Claims? Hunt v. Lee et al

What is a Statute of Limitation and Why is it Important?
Court deadlines are a part of medical malpractice claims. Perhaps the most important deadline is what is known as the statute…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Informed Consent in Canada: Probability and Statistics in Cancer Claims – Gilberds v. Sobey

The court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta released a decision recently in Gilberds v. Sobey that contained a helpful discussion about the law regarding informed consent.
Informed Consent: What is…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Only 2% of Potential Canadian Medical Malpractice Victims Receive Compensation

CTV Reports Misleading Information about Medical Malpractice Claims
Recently CTV News posted a report titled Study: Only 1 in 5 Medical Malpractice Cases Pay. The report may lead Canadians to…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Medical Malpractice in Canada – How often does it happen?

A famous study by Harvard Medical School determined that over half of all injuries caused by medical mismanagement in the United States (in other words, not caused by the patient’s initial…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Standard of Care for Nursing Students – McIntosh v. Isaac Walton Killam-Grace Health Centre

Justice Muise of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia recently released his reasons in McIntosh v. Isaac Walton Killam – Grace Health Centre.
Why is it important?

This case is important to…