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John McKiggan Q.C.

End Distracted Driving presentation at Eric Graves JHS

Had a fantastic time today talking with the Gr.9 students at Eric Graves JHS about Distracted Driving and EndDD.org.

Great group of young adults and lots of interesting questions. I always…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Do Insurance Adjusters Treat Accident Victims Fairly?

My colleague Mike Bryant is a personal injury lawyer in Minnesota. I recently read an article he posted on The Legal Examiner, An Email Exchange with an Adjuster. Mike talks about some comments…

John McKiggan Q.C.

How Can You Win Your Trial But Still Lose? Cost Awards and Formal Offers to Settle.

This article was previously published on the Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer Blog.

I recently read an interesting post by my colleague Erik Magraken who writes about injury claims in British…

John McKiggan Q.C.

What Does Hulk Hogan Have To Do With Car Insurance?

My youngest son is a big fan of wrestling. So when my wife Liz and I saw superstar wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) at a restaurant in Florida, I just had to ask him if I could get a photograph…

John McKiggan Q.C.

The Magic of Misdirection and Distracted Driving

My hobby is performing magic, and I love reading books about famous magicians. So I was interested to read Alex Stones’ new book about Houdini called Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists,…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Tragic Back-Over Death May Help Raise Awareness: Kids and Cars Canada

This past weekend a family in Toronto went on a family trip to the Ontario Science Centre museum. The father dropped off his wife and eight-year old son in the parking lot. But while backing-up…

John McKiggan Q.C.

What's Behind the Huge Increase in N.S. Traffic Deaths? Is Distracted Driving to Blame?

It seems like a day doesn't go by this summer when I don't have to read about another needless traffic fatality on Nova Scotia highways. Yesterday the Chronicle Herald reported that a 17…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Canadian Heat Wave Increases Danger to Children in Cars

Those of us here in Atlantic Canada are enjoying the beautiful stretch of sunny weather that we have been having. But the rest of Canada is sweltering through a record heat wave.

These types…

John McKiggan Q.C.

Chinese Toddler’s Death Raises Questions about Human Nature, Cultural Differences and the Law

Like many I was horrified to watch the video of a two year old girl, Wang Yue, who wandered into traffic on a busy street in China and was run over twice by vans and then ignored by dozens of…